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FreightCore is a global forwarder and as such is able to perform intermodal logistics operations in most regions. However, there are certain regions where we have a comparatively stronger capability due to the high frequency of shipments which originate from certain areas - for a lack of a better term, it's our bread and butter.

China to USA, UK and Northern Europe

We have an incredibly strong operational capability in China within ocean freight, and are proud to say we work closely with clients to navigate the complex regulatory and customs requirements that can apply (especially where the goods in question can fall outside of typical requirements such as dangerous goods).

By carefully managing costs and timelines, FreightCore ensures that shipments arrive on time and within budget, helping clients to maximize efficiency, reduce risk, and run their supply chain efficiently.

India to USA, UK and Northern Europe

Where today it is already significant, by the year 2030, India will be the largest exporter in the world of physical goods.

India's export potential has been on the rise in recent years due to its growing economy and expanding middle class. As a result, India has become a hub for manufacturing and services, with major industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, engineering goods, and IT services. However, the regulatory environment for exports in India can be complex and challenging to navigate. With various customs regulations, trade agreements, and documentation requirements, it can be difficult for businesses to handle exports on their own.

At FreightCore, we have the in-house expertise and experience to manage the entire logistics process and navigate those requirements. By using our services, clients can ensure that their exports are handled efficiently and in compliance with all relevant regulations, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

Turkey to USA, UK and Northern Europe

Turkey is a country with tremendous opportunities as an exporter, thanks to its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, as well as its highly skilled workforce and diverse economy. However, the logistical limitations in the country around transportation infrastructure and complex customs regulations for certain products, can make exporting from Turkey a challenge.

As a leading freight forwarder with strong partnerships in Turkey, we can help our clients navigate these obstacles and optimize their ocean-based supply chain operations for Turkish-origin products.

Our expertise in managing complex logistics, combined with our local knowledge and connections, enables us to provide our clients with a seamless and cost-effective solution for their importation needs.

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